My name is Ela and this is my new website. I’m a 7-year-old third culture kid living in a house in the woods in a small town somewhere in the world. I am cute AND terrifying!

I am going to use this website to teach other kids to play the games I like and use the internet safely. I want other kids to be safe on the internet but I also want them to have fun.

I also want to show grown-ups things on the internet they haven’t seen yet that kids are interested in. My mom is going to help me with this.

Some games are safe for kids and some aren’t. When you’re a little kid and you don’t know if chatting with other players is safe, single-player games are better. Multi-player games with chat can also be safe, if you are big enough to know not to tell people where you live or where you go to school or where your grandparents live. Adults should also not give personal information on the internet.

Kids need to use the internet for school and meeting other kids, because lots of us are stuck at home now. Let your kids use the internet, but safely.